Wholesaling Real Estate Without Goals Is Like Winning The Lottery

You could stumble into the real estate wholesaling business when you haphazardly control a property at a good price or with good financing and then quickly resell your right to buy the property or resell the property very shortly after closing on it. You could do that. But it isn’t likely. In fact, it is like winning the lottery.

However, if you decide from the beginning that you intention is to find a great deal, control that deal and then sell your right to purchase that deal to someone else you are much more likely to achieve your outcome. The intention of going through that process from the beginning is the seed of an excellent goal. Just knowing what you want to accomplish will make it much more likely to achieve.

In fact, we get what we expect and not what we deserve in life.

If we expect to find great deals, easily and with full seller cooperation then we will. If we expect to control those deals easily with minimal out of pocket money at risk with the full consent and assistance of the seller then we will. If we expect to quickly and easily find a buyer for our contract or deal and have them pay us a fair amount of money for the value we added to the transaction then we will.

Because having these expectations are critically important as real estate wholesalers we take a short amount of time each day to address these issues. In my business and in the business systems I’ve created for real estate wholesalers, I call it the “Wholesaler Goals Checklist” and it consists of three major parts: affirmations, empowering daily questions and reviewing your own personal and business goals.


In the affirmations section we speak aloud the key expectations that we have as real estate wholesalers in a variety of areas from personal accountability and development to marketing as well as negotiating when buying and selling and much more. These, over a period of time, condition us to have the right expectations about our business and personal life and since we get what we expect and not what we deserve, that makes all the difference.

Empowering Daily Questions

I heard Brian Tracy speak once about a fascinating phenomenon. He told the story about a sales professional making a sales call and finding out just before the sales call that he won the lottery. The question he posed was in his heighted excitement, would he make the sale? The answer is almost definitely: yes. Being excited and passionate impacts everything else in your life. Empowering daily questions help trigger feelings and thoughts to get you passionate and excited. Use them to help set the tone for the day at the beginning of the day or anytime during the day that you need a little boost.

Review Your Goals

As we discussed earlier, knowing what you’re aiming for makes all the difference. So, at the beginning of each day, you should review your personal and business goals. If you are you looking for more info on 宝くじの高額当選を狙うグッズ take a look at the web-site.
Not only does this help remind you and clarify what it is that you do want, it just as importantly, allows you to easily and with confidence say no to all those things that come up during the day that are not moving you towards your goals.


Each day in your real estate wholesaling business you need to focus on and expect to wholesale deals. The first thing on our “Wholesaler Daily Checklist” is to take care of three things that set the tone and focus for the day: affirmations, empowering daily questions and our personal and business goals. You’ll find that fifteen minutes spent here are worth extra hours spent elsewhere.

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