Where can I buy the coaxial cable which is best for me

Coaxial cable, also known as “rf cable assemblies”, is widely used in the many fields, including Automotive, industry, Telecom, Security, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Military.

With the wide range of applications in wireless and high-speed data, rf cable assemblies become more and more standardized and very familiar in our life, fox example in the house, in the office, telecom facility, Railway platforms, industrial buildings and government/public safety operation facilities. At the same time, a wide range of applications has led to the need to choose the type, performance, and level of coaxial cable. Even if the very same application also requires a variety of coaxial cable with the different lengths, different coax cable, different connectors.

We always got some inquiries each month from customers who looking for an rf cable, often asked “ Can you make an rf cable ?“,” Is it possible to let the cable length shorter /longer? ,” Can you make this with low loss LMR195 /KSR195 rf cable? “, “We’d like to change one end of MMCX connector Straight to Right-angle type, is it possible? ,” I need the stripping end like 2mm center conductor, 3mm insulator, 3mm shield, can you do this cable?“ and so on.

We’d like to introduce Custom Cable Assemblies if you do not find exactly what you are looking for from the preconfigured standard cable assemblies. you can build your own cable whatever non-standard cable length, the coax cable with the compatible connectors, and the different types of connectors. You can design custom cable and order online.

As a custom cable manufacturer with 10 years of customization experience, SUPERBAT manufactures a wide range of high-quality custom RF cable assemblies for your projects, no minimum order requirements, Design according to customer requirement, Quick response, and Delivery, offering customized solutions, and providing the reliable technical support & RF testing.

Besides, the Value-Added Service for RF cable assemblies can be also provided, including Custom heat shrink tube, Custom Label service, Custom connector orientation (0 degrees,45 degrees,180 degrees)of right angle coax connectors.