Betta Fish Types


There are several different types of Betta fish with a large range of pigments and tail and fin shapes. The most popular Betta species are Betta Splendens, followed by Betta Bellica.

Betta Splendens – Japanese Fighting Fish
These fish are originally from the Thai coast and usually survive for more than 3+ years. The males reach an estimate of three or more inches in length. They will fight and kill any other male Bettas, and are even known to kill their babies.

Betta Bellica – Malaysian Fighting Fish
Betta Bellica was exported from Malaysia and are different in appearance from the Thai or Japanese Fighting Fish. They have smaller fins with a heart shaped back fin. They are definitely the largest and thickest of all other Betta fish species. The male Betta is a lot larger and more brightly colored than the female. In the wild, Malaysian Fighting Fish relax on top of large leaves on top of the water  rare color hmpk for sale . When eating, you will sometimes observe the Malaysian Fighting Fish jump out of the water for food.

Betta Coccina – Sumatra Fighting Fish
Betta Coccina originate from Sumatra. They are stunningly beautiful Bettas, usually dark red with vivid blue eyes. They are the tiniest of all Betta fish. They are skinnier in thickness, and both the male and female are almost the same in length.

Betta Picta – Javanese Fighting Fish
Javanese Fighting Fish are not extremely combatitive and a piece of cake to mate. However, they usually aren’t very colorful and for this reason not a well liked breed of Betta fish. With this type of Betta fish, the females sometimes fight over the male of the species so it’s vital to separate them if you notice this happening.

In their natural habitat, these fish normally only display vivid colors while upset and females usually have lighter pigmentation than males. However, bettas breeders have been successful in making vivid pigmentation remain for males and females all the time, not simply when agitated. Betta fish are now in pretty much every color in the spectrum, as well as either solid color or multi-colored.

Tail Shape
The tails are an additional unique marker of the species. The most common, and cheapest is the Veil tail. On the other side of the coin, the halfmoon Betta is the goal many breeders work towards. The halfmoon Betta’s tail fin opens up into a perfect 180 degree semi-circle, and is stunning to look at.

Other tail types include the delta, the fan, the round, spade or pin tail, double, and the crown.

Jason Andrews is a Betta Fish enthusiast who has collected and bred Bettas for over 20 years. He currently is caring for several different varieties, and is attempting to breed the perfect halfmoon Betta.



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