Top 5 Fun Games for Kids

How to keep children entertained while ensuring their safety and learning is a big question for many parents. However with some deliberations and a little planning you can entertain your children especially toddlers by introducing them to simple and interesting games which will keep them amused and at the same time they will learn new things. These games can include both indoor games like board or computer games and outdoor games like soccer.

Being involved in fun games has physical, social and mental advantages for kids. Research shows that children who are involved in physical activity and outdoor games are more likely to be physically active adults. These games also help children develop positive attitudes, values and behaviors. Here is a list of top five (5) fun and safe games that you can Baby play mat with your children any time:

Pass the Parcel

Every parent has played this game as a kid. It is a simple and safe kid’s game that makes every kid laugh and have fun. All you need is a small parcel and some music playing device. All the kids can sit in a circle and start to pass the parcel to the next kid when the music starts and as soon as the music finishes, kid holding the parcel has to perform little dance or something. Once the performance is done the game goes on again.


It is a favorite computer of handheld video game that your kids can play with a lot of interest. All your kid need to do is to move the Pac-Man through a series of mazes to avoid being caught by ghosts. In addition to being an exciting and safe kid’s computer game it also increases your child’s ability to respond quickly to different circumstances.

Scrabble Junior

Scrabble helps children learn new words including how these words are spelled and pronounced. The junior scrabble has words printed on the board to help your kids identify the alphabets and join them to form words. Kids only have to place the tiles correctly to earn points. This helps them to start learning vocabulary and some mathematics like adding and subtracting points.

Kick the Ball or Toddler’s Soccer

Kick the ball or Toddler’s soccer is best suited for two or more than two children. The game is generally played by arranging all the participants in a circle and a soft ball is placed in between the circle. Every kid is told to kick the ball to the kid standing next to him. Despite being an outdoor game it is pretty safe and harmless. Smaller goal posts can also be introduced once the participants grow slightly older.

Lego Block Sets

Though a bit old fashioned, building blocks set can still capture any kid’s attention and encourage him to assemble the building blocks to create any shape. The set includes several small blocks in square, rectangle, triangle and cylindrical shapes, children can join these block to build a house, a castle or a car. This helps in bringing out the creative nature of your kid.


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