The Best Language Learning Software

The reason you have found your way to this article is because you are wondering what is the best language learning software on the market today! Right? The truth is, there is not one specific language software that will be the best for each and every person! And there are many factors that go into determining which software is best for you and why. If you will take a few moments and finish reading this article, I assure you that you will have a strong heading to guide you to a specific language learning software that best suites you and your learning strengths.

Based on my personal analysis of several different language learning software programs, there are four software programs that really stand out. Each of these learning language software programs have their own teaching styles. The four software programs that I am referring to are Tell Me More, Fluenz, Rocket Languages, and Rosetta Stone.

There are a number of factors we took into consideration when determining which of the software programs above is the best language learning software program. These factors include pricing, teaching methods and styles, tools, and additional accessories such as games.

If you are interested in a teaching program that is low in price and contains several games then I recommend you look at the Rocket Languages software program. Rocket Languages specializes in 11 different languages including sign language. The program can be downloaded directly to your computer or shipped to your home. Having the software shipped to your home is a couple hundred dollars more expensive. So you may prefer to stick with the downloadable material. The major fall back to this software program is that it is mostly an audio program. You have the games, including a vocabulary game that helps develop your vocabulary, but the majority of the program is audio. But you are still getting a superb program for only $99 if you decide to go with the download.

Rosetta Stone is another big language learning software that you hear about all the time. It seems like every time you turn on the TV that you see a Rosetta Stone commercial! Rosetta Stone is a great product and they offer a lot of software tools and learning material. The major drawback that I see with the Rosetta Stone’s software program is that it teaches you as if you were learning your native language for the first time. You may be thinking, “What could be so hard about that?” What makes this teaching method so hard is that you learn by looking at pictures and then hearing or seeing the foreign language word along with it. There’s no English translation! Rosetta Stone has designed this program so that you can learn various words pertaining to different objects and eventually develop those words into sentences and conversations. The problem with this method is that it will probably take a long time and a lot of us don’t have years to wait for our language skills to develop with Rosetta Stone. Don’t let me sway you away from looking into Rosetta Stone if this is the method in which you learn best. Go with what you know works for you and you will find the success that you are looking for.

Fluenz is another exceptional language learning software program. This program has been designed to take the headache out of learning. Fluenz has done this by eliminating lots of drop down menus and other buttons that you may see on your screen during the learning process. Basically allowing the software program to easily guide you through each lesson. In addition, Fluenz is rated extremely high among its users. There are a lot of users that are very happy with this program because of its simplicity. Other great features of Fluenz include progress tracking, iPod/MP3 compatibility, personalized learning paths and speech recognition. But one of the down sides to Fluenz is that the program developers choose not to include any games, test or quizzes. The reason the designers choose not to implement any test or quizzes for the software program is because the designers felt it best that the individual repeat various lessons until they have mastered the material. Sometimes people can just go in to a testing situation and do well on a test by simply being lucky. This method eliminates that likely outcome and encourages a complete mastery of the study material.

As awesome as the Fluenz language learning software program is, my absolute favorite is the Tell Me More software program! The program includes all the perks of the Fluenz software program mentioned above with the addition to games, quizzes and test. Something that should be noted here is that Tell Me More’s personalized learning path tool is extremely awesome! It has three different modes that you can choose from. The Free-to-Roam, The Guided Mode and the ロゼッタストーンDynamic Mode. The Free-to-Roam mode allows you to do what you very well please. So if you want to work on one specific area of a specific lesson then you can. The Guided mode will guide you through your lessons one at a time. The Dynamic Mode is the coolest of all! This mode will analyze your previous scores and progress, and then adapts your future lessons to focus on the areas that you performed weakest in a previous lesson. Essentially, allowing you to develop your weaker areas. The major downside to this software program is that it’s only available in windows operating systems. If you have a mac then I am really sorry. Just pray that the designers of Tell Me More come out with a mac version in the very near future.

As you can see each of the programs are different in their own ways. So it is definitely beneficial to look a little closer to pick out the details that can make a software program right for you. If you interested in learning Spanish with one of these programs and want a closer look then feel free to check out one of the links in the authors bio box. Thanks and have a great day!

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