Despite the rapid development of dentistry as a medical direction, very few dental clinics can afford to develop in this direction

The high price of equipment and the insufficient number of personnel who know modern techniques of treatment. Exactly these problems are faced by small dental clinics. The international association MP Foundation led by Mikhail Peleg, a doctor by education, decided to solve this problem.

MP Foundation’s mission is to create dental clinics with the best equipment and professional doctors around the world. Also, the association has undertaken to support and improve nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics and medical facilities.

“Our plans are to develop such areas in the markets of European countries, Canada, Georgia and the US, as it is clear to us, what the exact kind of dentistry should be in modern conditions. And this is not an ordinary medicine – first of all it is accessibility of services for everyone, speed, convenience and beauty. Each of our clients will be convinced that the doctors of our clinics are able to cope with teeth problems, save at the same time as much as possible healthy tissue of the oral cavity, “the organization’s executive director said.

It is important to say that MP Foundation is focused on achieving not only financial goals in the development of such a direction, as it is well aware that the dental services market is far from the most perspective from the financial point of view for the highest level of medicine. The main thing is to provide professional assistance to clients.

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