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The billing system keeps a charge in your battery as well as gives electric power for the radio, lights and also various other features while the vehicle is running. The contemporary charging system consists of the generator, battery, circuitry and digital control device (ECU). Older cars may have a regulator, but in newer vehicles, that is now composed of the vehicle’s computer.

The generator creates electrical power to run devices and charge the battery. It transforms mechanical energy from the car’s crankshaft into electric energy.
The computer system (or in older vehicles, the regulatory authority) works as a “traffic cop” to control the generator’s output. It senses when the battery needs charging or when the need for electrical power modifications.

The battery is a storage tank of electric power. Its greatest job is to crank the engine to start the auto. The battery also supplies power to the accessories when the engine isn’t running.

If something is wrong with the charging system, you’ll see a caution light. The caution light may be identified “Gen”, “Bat” or “Alt”. If this warning lamp illuminate while the engine is running, it indicates that there is a problem in the billing system, generally that the battery has spoiled or the alternator has actually quit working. You can also check out battery charging systems

In some cases if your vehicle or vehicle will not begin, you have a negative battery, one that can not hold a charge. In some cases it indicates you left a light or other device on, and also it drained pipes the battery. As well as in some cases the issue is really that the generator isn’t loading it up with new energy. Uncertain what the problem is? A free evaluation at any one of our shops is the place to begin.


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